While it may be tempting to plan your move for the warm weather and sunshine of summer, you may want to think twice. While the sunshine sounds appealing now, loading and unloading boxes for hours in the heat can be exhausting. In addition, you won’t be the only one trying to book your move for the summer. As the “busy season” for most movers, summer availability is limited and fills up quickly—very quickly.

There are countless people who want to take advantage of time off they have in the summer, be able to settle in before the start a new school year, or have good conditions for necessary renovations or changes to their new homes. For all of these reasons and more, summer is always the busy season in the moving industry.

If you have the option to make your move in spring, fall, or winter (if you don't mind the cold). You’ll have a much easier time securing the moving date(s) that are most convenient for you, as well as wider availability to book a moving team.

Other particularly busy times are weekends, the first of any month, and of course, times surrounding any major holiday. If you absolutely must book on your move during these times, always contact your Freeport moving company as early as possible so you have the best chance of getting the moving date you want. It will make your entire transition as smooth as possible.

For more information about summer moving or the best ways to get ready to relocate, call O’Mara Moving Systems today!