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Summer may seem like the best time to move – the weather is typically easy, school is out, and corporate business tends to be slower. But summer is also the most common time of year for moving, and the influx of demand on movers and the housing market means there’s a lot of challenges that come with moving in the summertime. That’s why, as your Rockford moving company, we here at O’Mara Moving and Storage have compiled a list of the best tips for moving during the summer.

1.  Plan Ahead – Summer is the busiest time of the year for moving, so start coordinating early; book your Rockford movers at least six weeks ahead to guarantee availability.

2.  Move on a Weekday in the Middle of the Month – Avoid moving on a weekend or over a holiday week/weekend. Memorial Day weekend and the last weekend in July are often the busiest moving days of the year, and you’re not likely to book your first choice in Rockford moving companies during those times.

3.  Don’t Underestimate Packing – People often assume they’ll have enough time and discipline to pack themselves, and only book the most basic moving services because of it. Then, when they realize they don’t have the time or skills to pack their possessions properly, the moving company doesn’t have the crew to spare for a full-service packing upgrade. Be honest with yourself about how much you can do alone, and realize that paying extra for packing ahead of time might be worth the investment.

4.  Be Wary of the Weather – Summertime is typically seen as an endless array of sunny days, but the heat can be brutal. Even if you live or are moving somewhere where the temperatures are mild, the direct sunlight can heat up a car, van, and moving truck upwards of 20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature. Don’t place delicate items that are heat sensitive – like candles, batteries, and expensive electronics – in non-air-conditioned trucks, and make sure to pack your other items properly – leather upholstered furniture will ‘sweat’ in wrapped plastic, but does fine with a pad instead, etc.

5.  Stay Aware with Self-Care – Along with packing correctly for the heat, make sure you’re dressed light enough to deal with any hot weather and bring along a cooler packed with lots of water for you and your movers in Rockford. Plan to get to your new home before your movers and have your utilities turned on so you can cool your home down in advance with the AC. Once your movers arrive, you’ll have the door open for long periods of time, which means you should turn your AC off to avoid burning unnecessary cash. Instead, have some fans accessible and plan to turn those on while you and your movers unload your items. If you have pets or kids, make sure they stay inside where it’s shaded and have plenty of water and activities to keep them occupied and out of the way.

Moving during the summer is often the most convenient time of year to relocate your family and take time off from work, but remember that’s true for many moving families. If you find it necessary to move during the summer, make sure to follow these tips and contact O’Mara Moving to be your helpful Rockford moving company!