rockford local movers services

At O’Mara Moving, we know that a local move sounds simple. It’s just down the street or out of town. You can rent a truck and leverage friendships for cheap labor. But at the end of the day – a very long day – it ends up becoming hard labor. And you still have days of unpacking ahead of you. So why rely on your Rockford local movers when, a local move is supposed to be easy?

1. You’ll have more time.

By hiring reputable Rockford local movers, you can skip all the stressful, time-consuming aspects of your move—things like:

  • Packing
  • Wrapping fragile items
  • Loading and unloading
  • Going back and forth to transport boxes
  • And even unpacking/set-up, if you want!

Without having to do these things yourself, you’ll be able to manage your time just like you want to. After all, regular life goes on—even in the midst of a seemingly endless household move!

2. Don’t waste your energy.

We don’t just mean physical energy... Mental energy too! Since you won’t be burning the midnight oil trying to make last-minute plans and preparations for moving day, you can maintain your normal lifestyle. While you exercise, go to work, or spend time with your family, your Rockford local moving company will be working hard to keep your move on track.

3. Guaranteed results from a local mover

Instead of organizing everything alone and then hoping for the best, your team of local movers will have everything prepared for an on-schedule move. No last-minute hiccups. No disasters.

If you choose a well-established company, you’ll also benefit from their deep local knowledge. For example, at O’Mara Moving, our company has had roots in the Rockford area since 1865! We’ve been here over 150 years—so we know the streets, businesses, and community. That means you’re guaranteed the most efficient services, along with the top-notch customer care that only a neighbor can provide.

4. Movers offer valuation coverage.

One of the major benefits of working with professional movers is that you can choose your preferred level of valuation coverage. This coverage helps protect you in the rare case of damaged or lost items—something you certainly won’t get by recruiting your spouse or kids to do the heavy lifting.

5. You’ll have peace of mind.

Last but not least, choosing skilled local Rockford movers—ones with expertise, resources, and professional accreditation—will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Instead of worrying about your move all day and all night, you can put it in the hands of the experts. And you can always call if you ever have a question or concern!

At O’Mara Moving, we provide this peace of mind to every single household we work with. From DIY packing help to direct loading and flexible storage options, we do whatever it takes to make our clients feel comfortable and valued. As a BBB-accredited business and ProMover with the American Moving & Storage Association, local moves are our specialty!

Across town or a few counties over—you can count on our exceptional Rockford local movers and longtime affiliation with North American Van Lines. We have the solutions you need, so call us today to learn more! To start with a free moving cost estimate in the comfort of your home, just complete our online form now.