rockford household storage facility services

Stuff. Most of us have a little too much of it. Some of us have WAY too much of it. Instead of shoving things under the bed or making stacks in corners, use our Rockford household storage services to help clean up and clear out your home.

O’Mara Moving has more than 97,000 square feet of storage space in our seven facilities, so we can handle any size storage needs from your holiday decorations to a huge hoarder’s haul. We can store any of your household goods, including furniture. Your furniture will be carefully wrapped and then stored on our open rack system. We keep detailed inventories, so we are able to access your items quickly.

Secure Residential Storage Facility

Don’t worry about security. Our facilities boast fire and theft protection, controlled access, and camera surveillance, so you can have total peace of mind when you use our Rockford residential storage. Because we’re committed to protecting your items, you can feel good about storing the things you love most—along with the things that are just in the way.

In addition to providing exceptional security, we want our storage services to be convenient as well. That’s why we give you options. If you want to load up your car and bring the items to the facility, you can. Many customers prefer our pickup service. We’ll come right to your home and collect the items to be stored, so you don’t have to interrupt your day!

The same goes for taking items out of storage. We’ll deliver them right to your door, or you can let us know you want to pick them up, and we’ll have them ready for when you arrive at our facility.

Extensive Household Storage Options

It’s so simple and convenient that it’s hard to believe how affordable it is to use or Rockford household storage facilities. Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, we can develop a plan that perfectly meets your needs and your budget.

Don’t think of our Rockland household storage as just a service you’d need after a move. You can also get creative and use them in ways to help keep your house free of clutter. Here are a few ideas:

  • If you know you’ll be having more kids, store your currently unused baby gear so it’s out of the way, but ready for your next bundle—or bundles—of joy.
  • Swap out seasonal décor, so you don’t have to use up closet space for your Christmas gear or that amazing fall wreath you copied from Pinterest.
  • Planning a renovation? Don’t pile everything into another room. Instead use our short-term storage to clear out the space affected by the remodel.
  • Is closet space in your home sorely lacking? Swap out your seasonal clothes to help make space.
  • Do you start Christmas shop starting in January? Don’t let snoopy kids (or adults) find their gifts early! They’ll be safe with us until you’re ready to put them under the tree.

Discuss Your Storage Needs

Let us help you keep your home free of clutter with our flexible, cost-effective, easy-to-use Rockford residential storage! Give O’Mara Moving a call to learn more about our storage solutions, or fill out our online contact form to request a free estimate.