rockford moving and storage

Moving and storage are terms that often go together for our residential customers. It is difficult to carry out a move of any distance without utilizing at least short-term storage before, during, or after the trip. As a Rockford moving and storage company, O'Mara Moving understands this and offers customers the best of both services. We don't want you wasting any time searching for and managing companies that offer just one of each.

Rockford Moving and Storage Services

We believe that storage is an integral part of your move. Apartment tenants may need off-site storage before a move because they don't have the room to sort through closets and properly pack furniture. Residential customers going a long-distance might want to do it in stages, keeping certain items in long-term storage until settled. We even offer in-transit storage on the truck should the unexpected happen.

There can be many reasons for scheduling Rockford moving and storage services as a part of your family's relocation. Whatever the need, we'll meet it with our skilled team of professionals, modern equipment, and a 15,000 square foot local Rockford moving and storage facility.

Why Choose O'Mara Moving?

With the competition offering their own selection of Rockford-area moving and storage options, you may be wondering why O'Mara? Well, we are an established company that has been serving customers for over 150 years. Our company also has BBB-Accreditation, a recognition of our commitment to excellent customer service and support.

We seamlessly combine moving and storage services to help you through a relocation without trouble. Our team will help with packing and transport to our warehouse facility for short- or long-term storage. We can hold items until you are ready to receive them directly to your front door from our warehouse. Our team can even help with set up of furniture and electronics at your new home.

When you are planning a move and think you might also need storage, contact O'Mara Moving by phone or via our online form. We can schedule you for a free, at-home consultation and price estimate on any of our Rockford moving and storage services.