Pictures and framed artwork can make your living space more personalized, friendlier, and cozier. When these pictures are of loved ones, special memories, of photos you’ve taken yourself—the sentimental value of these items can feel priceless. 

If you are moving to a new home, it’s important to learn how to pack these items to keep them from getting damaged along the way. One of the worst feelings after moving is to find your precious pictures shattered, torn, or otherwise ruined when you arrive at your new home, and there are ways to prevent this from happening. 

At O’Mara Moving & Storage, we’re particularly careful about using the most professional techniques to wrap, pack, or crate any items properly—including precious photos and framed pictures. In this article, our expert household movers will share with you some professional tips on how to pack your precious pictures and framed artwork so that you can enjoy your pictures in your new home, as soon as you move in. 

Use the Appropriate Packing and Moving Supplies 

Packing pictures—as well as any other one of your belongings, requires the use of appropriate packing and moving supplies for a successful outcome. Sturdy, medium-sized boxes are recommended when packing smaller pictures and frames. Look for strong, heavy-duty boxes made with triple-thick cardboard materials that won’t bend, collapse, or crush easily. Meanwhile, for large frames and works of art, specialty boxes for such items are advisable. 

If you don’t have specialty boxes or don’t want to buy one from moving supply stores, you can simply take apart a used box and make it flat. Just ensure that the box is larger than the item itself. Packing paper, bubble wrap, and other materials for cushioning must also be used to keep the frame protected. 

Secure the Glass of the Frame 

Some frames have thin plastic sheets on the front, while others have glass. Those with glass are obviously more fragile, so it is important to take extra measures to keep it secured. Using painter’s tape, create a huge X mark on the glass starting from the top corner to the bottom corner. 

When the glass breaks, the X mark will prevent the broken glass pieces from ruining the artwork or picture. It is also recommended to put extra cardboard over the glass and then tape it in place for an added layer of protection. 

Wrap it Up 

Wrap the picture frame, making sure that the glass side is faced down the packing paper. Use the packing tape to hold the paper in place, wrapping the packing tape lengthwise and widthwise. For smaller frames that you will put together in a single box, it is still important to wrap each frame individually. 

Use Bubble Wrap for Artwork 

If you are packing framed paintings or works of art that cost a fortune, also wrap it with a bubble wrap to secure it. So there should be two layers of protection—packing paper and bubble wrap. Using the packing tape, hold the bubble wrap in place. 

Label the Boxes

Using a marker, label the box that you’ve sealed with packing tape. Aside from indicating the contents, you can also write which room the box should be placed and a huge “FRAGILE” or “HANDLE WITH CARE” lettering. 

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