One of the most common mistakes made when moving by yourself is unintentionally damaging your floors. With all of the heavy furniture, large boxes, and odd-shaped items to move, you will need to ensure you take the proper precautions to make sure you don’t lose a deposit or have to repair a floor on a house you just sold.

By hiring a professional moving and storage company such as O’Mara Moving, you can be sure that your floors, walls, and other property will be well-protected during your move. Our expert moving team has years of experience as residential movers, and know exactly what to do to make your next relocation a damage-free one. 

If you are needing to move items yourself, knowing how to protect your home and property is an important step of the moving process. To help you plan your relocation, we’ve provided a list of some important precautions to take to protect your floors during a move.

Carpet Masking

One of the easiest ways to protect your carpet from just about anything is to mask it. Carpet masking is usually done by placing a durable plastic film over your carpet that prevents the carpet from being stained, damaged, or torn up by anyone moving heavy items or foot traffic.

Use A Dolly For Heavier Items

When it comes to moving heavier items, the last thing you will want to do is scratch your flooring by dragging them along the wood or carpet. A dolly is equipped with wheels that allow you to easily move your heavy items without doing any damage to your floors. You can choose dollies with inflatable rubber wheels or hard rubber wheels to get the right dolly for your floor.

Learn How To Properly Pack

Learning how to properly pack boxes can help you to prevent heavy items from falling out of the bottom and messing up your floor. By using reinforced, heavy-duty boxes for your items, you can prevent the chances of a box breaking open and spilling its contents to the floor—which will help you to keep your floors safe. This is crucial when using a moving company as they are not going to know how heavy a box is until they lift it.