Some senior citizens may need to relocate later on in their life, sometimes because of retirement and sometimes to be closer to family. Whatever the reason may be, our team of Rockford long-distance movers at O’Mara Moving & Storage have experience helping senior citizens move and are here to give you their best tips.

 Downsizing possessions and leaving a long-term home can be a difficult decision, which is why we advise you work with a provider experienced in these kinds of long-distance moves and keep reading for our best tips.

Make Sure Your Moving Company Shares Your Communication Preferences

There are many ways that movers can communicate with their clients, including:

  • Phone Calls
  • Text Messages
  • Emails
  • Video Chats
  • And More

We recommend you tell your movers which is your or a loved one’s preferred means of communication so the person moving feels comfortable talking with the moving team. A reputable moving company will understand the importance of good communication and want to accommodate your needs.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time for Downsizing

Over the decades, people can have a vast collection of personal belongings, many of which have sentimental value. If you or a senior family member will need to downsize belongings because the new living space will be smaller, give plenty of time to decide which items will make the move and which cannot. Everything that can’t be taken on the move can always be donated to a local charity of your or your family member’s choosing.

Consider a Full-Service Packing and Unpacking Moving Company

Moving companies that provide full-service packing and unpacking, such as O’Mara Moving & Storage, will save you time, manual labor, and broken possessions. Choosing a long-distance moving company to pack and unpack your belongings will ensure everything is properly packed so nothing is broken upon arrival. This is especially useful when helping a relative move from out of state.

How Will Your Medical Equipment be Relocated?

Your moving company of choice should be able to explain to you how they will ensure no medical equipment will be broken during transport. Proper packing of medical equipment is essential.

Coordinating Transportation for Persons/Pets

During a long-distance move, it is important to make sure you or your senior relative will be completely comfortable during the transportation process. Plan ahead how you or a relative will be moved to the new location, and also plan how pets will be moved. It’s best if pets can travel with their owners to limit their anxieties, and make sure to provide pets’ favorite blankets and toys for comfort.

For Additional Information, Call Our Rockford Long-Distance Movers Today

Our team of Rockford long-distance movers at O’Mara Moving & Storage would like to provide even more tips about long-distance moving with senior citizens. To speak with our experts or to inquire about our full-service moving options, please call our Rockford long-distance moving team today or fill out our simple online form.

We offer professional packing supplies, custom crating for fragile belongings, short-term storage solutions, padding for furniture, and full-service packing and unpacking options. We are a proud agent of northAmerican Moving Services and hope to hear from you soon.