Ask These Questions before Moving

Moving is a big investment of time and money. And the experience can be smooth, with the right help, or it can be a nightmare. This means that it pays to carefully vet your options when shopping for a moving company. But what’s really important? We asked some long-distance movers for their advice. Here are a few questions to help you compare your options and make an informed decision for your next move.

1. What’s Your Experience?

Asking questions like “how long have you been in business” and “what industry affiliations do you have” can provide important context clues about the company's experience. A newer, less experienced company might not be equipped to provide as smooth of an experience as you might expect. While there isn’t a golden number of years that represents a qualified moving company, you’re just looking to get a big picture idea of what you might expect. There are other factors to consider.

2. What Services are Offered?

Many moving companies offer a range of similar services like scalable prep options, local and long-distance transportation, and flexible storage. But these services aren’t a given. And there is no guarantee that you’ll receive the same level of services even when they are. One movers idea of safe and secure storage can vary drastically compared to another.

3. What’s Your Claims Process?

Learn more about the steps the company will take to proactively protect your belongings before and during your move. Plus, look into the claims process in case the worst should happen. While many movers are quick to push their various levels of valuation coverage, it can be a bit less clear to understand what happens if you actually need to use that coverage.

4. How do You Price Services?

Pricing can often be the sticking point for many people. There are some industry standards, but that doesn’t mean every moving company uses them. The most important thing is to understand what you’re paying for. If you’re paying for miles traveled, that’s okay as long as the company is transparent about how they plan to bill you. You might pay for your move by the weight of your shipment or by the number of labor hours it takes to get the job done. The point is, don’t assume that all moving companies take the same approach to pricing.

5. Can I See Some Reviews?

And, of course, take steps to ensure that what they’re selling you is truthful. Customer reviews are the best way to confirm the quality service that you can expect with a company. These are generally easy to locate online. I like to look for the mid-range, three-star reviews for the most honest reviews. I find that many one-star reviews are short-tempered, disgruntled customers. While their experiences are worth considering, you should understand that those reviews were left in anger.

Final Thoughts

Looking at all your options is the minimum to choose a moving company that will provide a good experience. Covering the basics like pricing, services, and experience with in-depth questions that go a little deeper than simply asking ‘what is your experience,’ is the best way to decode clever marketing ploys and find the truth. O’Mara Moving and Storage is a well-established moving company in Northern Illinois, our residential movers have helped thousands of families relocate with ease.