Moving across the country can be a tedious task. It is not uncommon for movers to be stuck with a truck full of personal items and nowhere to go. O'Mara Moving is available to provide storage solutions for any local and international movers' storage needs.

Why Choose Warehouse Storage?

In today's market homes are closing on any day that works best for the title company. This gets complicated because it is getting harder to line up a one trip move. It is not surprising when buyers are left homeless, or in-between permanent places, for a period of time. When you are moving cross-country it is even more common to not have your permanent home lined up upon arrival. 

Buyers are also facing big renovations to newly bought homes and have nowhere to put all their boxes. It can get even more complicated when you are doing renovations yourself. Renovations are expensive, there is no need to add the costs of replacing everything that accidentally gets broke or ruined.

Simplifying Your Move with Warehouse Storage Options

The best part about warehouse storage is the unlimited space, but that's not the only reason to utilize this service for your next move. With warehouse storage, you get peace of mind that your belongings will be protected for as long as necessary, along with other benefits that make this storage option the preferred choice for many people moving a long distance:

  • Advanced Fire and Theft Protection Systems
  • Affordable Options with As-Needed Flexibility
  • Temperature-Controlled Storage Spaces
  • Protection of Secure Wooden Vaults
  • Full-Service Options for Vehicle Storage and More
  • Professional Delivery from Trained Residential Movers

​​Choosing the Right Mover for Your Warehouse Storage Needs

At O'Mara's Moving, we have a 97,000 sq. ft. warehouse, so there is no need to worry about where to store your entire home. We are also a great option because residential storage options take the pressure off of buying a home. With the opportunity to store your items for as long as you need, O'Mara Moving can give you an unlimited time frame to find the home that is perfect for you.  

O'Mara Moving also does a great job at protecting your objects while moving them! There is no need to be concerned about someone in your home accidentally breaking something. All items are wrapped, stored, and transported carefully, and your items can be safely delivered to your home, damage free. 

Ready to learn more about how warehouse storage can simplify your upcoming move? Call us today to get your free storage quote, and take the first step towards an easier relocation experience.