The summer season is one of the most popular moving times, but it can also be challenging. While families often have more time to coordinate and execute a move during this time, it can be difficult because of extreme heat—leading to exhaustion and fatigue. So, if you're planning a summertime move, you'll want to hear about these tips and tricks for beating the heat during your activity.

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Ok, let's dive in!

Dress Appropriately

We can't stress this enough. If you don't dress appropriately, you may have a long day of sweating and heat exhaustion. Especially if you're hiring a long-distance mover, you'll want to wear comfortable yet protective clothing. Consider cotton and sports apparel as the perfect balance to keep you from overheating but also well-protected. Also, consider the following:

  • Wear Gloves with Good Grip
  • Wear Closed Toes Shoes Instead of Sandals

Keep Plenty of Bottled Water on Hand

It will be essential for you to stay hydrated throughout the day. Dehydration can happen quicker than you think, and you'll want to ensure you're drinking a bottle of water every hour. Try to keep your water stored in a cool place so that you can enjoy colder water, which can help keep your body temperature lower. If you've hired a team of residential movers, ensure you have enough water for them!

Keep Children and Pets out of the Home

Everyone loves to have their kids and pets around, but they can get in the way during a move. Even more, you'll likely have to leave doors open at your destination, meaning that you won't be able to run the air conditioning. The fewer bodies around, the less likely your space will be to heat up.

Try to Keep the Home Cool

With the doors open all day, it's not necessarily a good idea to have the air conditioning running. However, you can take periodic breaks, close the doors and run the air conditioning, ensuring everyone involved in the move can have a moment to cool off. Another idea is to set up a handful of fans to keep the air moving throughout the house.

Don't Overwork Yourself

It will be essential to take breaks throughout the day. It would help if you took a break even when you don't necessarily feel like you need one. Exhaustion can settle in quickly, and by taking breaks now and again, you'll be able to keep yourself going throughout the entire day.

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