Did you know there are a variety of items a professional moving company will not move? Most of the items will not be moved due to safety issues and concerns about being packed away in a truck. These items are not always safe for you to move either, instead go through your home before you or a professional mover starts packing up your home and remove the following items.

Items Most Often Found in Your Garage

A lot of items in your garage are made of flammable materials. Yard equipment usually requires oil, propane, or gasoline to work. These items are incredibly flammable and so are the containers that hold them. You will need to dispose of these at either a local hardware store or contact your local zoning team to ask where the best place for disposal may be.

Fertilizer and large fluorescent light bulbs also hold a risk of explosion or fire hazards. You can dispose of these in your normal waste bins. Make sure to check any boxes that may be labeled as light bulbs before you pack them away.

Items Most Often Found in Your Laundry Room

Professional moving companies cannot move bleach, ammonia, or other flammable household cleaners. If you keep these items all over your house for easy access during cleaning, make sure to check each space for dangerous moving materials before moving day and dispose of them. 

Items Most Often Found in the Kitchen

If you know how to properly pack perishable food items, you can do this safely enough. Professional movers also know how to best pack food that can easily last a simple move. However, if you are moving out of state or across the country you should check the expiration dates before you pack up your food. A good rule is to throw it away if the box or container is opened or if it is close to expiration before moving.

Another common item that moving companies will not move is a fire extinguisher. As a combustible item, these are dangerous to have in moving trucks. It is recommended that you replace fire extinguishers regularly, so it is probably best to dispose of this before you move and get a new one in your new location.

Items Most Often Found in Your Bedroom

We most often find firearms and ammunition in the bedroom for personal protection. You will have to arrange for special transportation for these items. This may include carrying them yourself or shipping them to your new location with a specialty shipper. If you are moving to a different state, you will want to check laws on carrying weapons. You do not want to find yourself in legal trouble while trying to do your own residential move.

Items Most Often Found in the Family Areas

Plants are a great decor that provide natural oxygen to your home. Unfortunately, they are not durable to last in a moving truck. To make sure your plants survive we recommend you transport them yourselves or you find your plant a new home before you move. 

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