Moving during the holiday season can have its advantages and disadvantages. For example, moving in the off-season might be more cost-effective; however, moving could be overwhelming during an already busy time.

Still, if you want to take advantage of time, you could cash in on savings with a little preparation and know-how. Here are seven tips for a more effective move during the holiday season.

Get Funded Early

If you want to have plenty of funds for holiday festivities and a smooth relocation, call your residential movers early on and get an estimate. That way, you know exactly how much to expect in moving expenses and won’t blow your holiday budget.

Donate and Save

You’ll have to pay for anything you take during your move. It’s wise to take note of any unwanted or unused items. Since the holidays are about generosity, it might be a good time to donate those items.

Organize Your Décor

While you probably won’t be setting decorations up at your current home this year, you’ll likely want to unpack and immediately get in the spirit. Clearly labeling your holiday decoration boxes will help you find what you want at your new location.

Hold off on Large Purchases

You can often catch great sales around various holidays. However, for any large items that you buy, you’ll have to pay to relocate. In that case, it may be wiser to hold off on large equipment purchases until after the move.

Take a Break from Hosting

Traditions are traditions, but sometimes it’s okay to try something new. If you usually host holiday gatherings, perhaps this is the year to let someone else have a chance to play host.

Pack Up Early

The idea of packing instead of celebrating is daunting even in thought. Enjoy the holidays when it’s time by starting to pack up the house early. That way, the work will be done, and you can focus on fun.

Don’t Wait to Schedule

Ensure your long-distance movers have the staff to accommodate your residential move by scheduling it early. People in every industry take this time off to spend with loved ones.

If you want to pass the task of your residential move altogether, consider hiring a professional residential mover. Azalea Moving and Storage has more than 157 years of reliable relocation experience. Give us a call for a free quote.