Fabric items are often overlooked when planning a relocation but deserve extra attention to ensure they arrive undamaged. From curtains to clothing, you should have a plan for what you want to do with your fabrics.

As an experienced moving and storage company, we know the best procedures to keep fabrics safe during transport. This article will cover how to protect your fabrics during a relocation. 

Sentimental and Cherished Items

When you are relocating, your cherished items should be your primary concern in packing them for safety. If you want to protect your sentimental items from water or debris, you should place them in a durable plastic tote. A tote with a sealable lid will help protect your items throughout the relocation. Additionally, you can use the tote as a reliable storage compartment at your next destination.  

Formal Clothing Pieces

For dry clean or formal clothing, you should pack them properly to prevent them from wrinkling. The best way to transport these clothes is with a dedicated wardrobe box. By hanging your suits and dresses on hangers in a wardrobe box, you can avoid needing to dry clean your clothes after the move. You can find these wardrobe boxes at your local packing store or rent them from your moving provider. 

Casual Clothing 

Once you've packed your formal clothing, you can transport your casual clothing in a standard moving box. A mid-size or large box is enough to transport most clothing pieces. However, you should be mindful of the weight limits of your packing boxes. Clothing pieces crafted from denim or leather can add weight to your box and cause damage. 


Curtains are designed to fit the unique specifications of your current home's windows. If you are relocating to a new home, you should confirm that the curtains will fit the windows. When the windows of your next destination aren't a fit for your curtains, it's best to leave them for the next owner to enjoy. However, you should take them with you in a wardrobe box if they are custom or high-value curtains. 

Mattresses and Box Springs

When transporting mattresses, the best way to keep them unscathed is with a mattress bag. The plastic will protect your mattress or box spring from impacts during transportation. In most cases, a standard lightweight If you own a valuable mattress, you can upgrade to a mattress box or more durable bag material. 

Fabric and Leather Furniture 

Ensuring your furniture arrives safely is easy when working with a professional moving company. Residential movers have reusable moving pads that help cushion your furniture from the impacts of transportation. These moving pads will prevent accidental tears that can affect the structure of your valuable furniture items. 

You should add moving pads to furniture such as:

  • Sofas
  • Ottomans
  • Accent Chairs

Fabric Artwork and Antique Furniture 

If you own valuable artwork or antique furniture, you should consider custom crating to protect them during moving. Along with the fabric, you can protect the supporting structures of these belongings. You can request a quote from your local moving company to determine if custom crating is right for your fabric items. 

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