When moving electronics and other fragile items for a move, proper packing is a must to avoid damage. Instead of wrapping your valuable electronics in bubble wrap, tossing them in a box, and hoping for the best, follow our advice! The experienced commercial moving professionals from O’Mara Moving & Storage share our top tips for packing electronics.

Electronics Moving Tips 

  • Remove Batteries: Batteries can leak and overheat, causing damage to the device. Remove batteries prior to the move to prevent these issues.
  • Unplug Wires: Be sure all wires and power cords are disconnected before you pack your electronics.
  • Keep Cords with the Device: Few things are more frustrating after a move than trying to match up cords and wires with the correct device. Eliminate this hassle by either labeling each cord or taping them to the device with which they go.
  • Don’t Forget the Manuals: Put all manuals in a binder, so you’ll know where they all are when setting up your new office. Another option is to toss the manuals in the same box as the device.
  • Cover the Fans: Prevent debris from getting inside your electronics by covering the fans before moving. This can be done with tape, bubble wrap, padding, or anything that will keep out debris.
  • Proper Padding and Cushioning: Another step in protecting your electronics is ensuring they are properly cushioned and padded. Larger electronics can be protected with moving blankets. For smaller devices, use bubble wrap and/or other packing materials.
  • Custom Crating: If your electronics are particularly fragile or expensive, consider custom crating. This is one of the best ways to prevent the jostling that leads to damage during a move.

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