While remote work has been around for decades, the pandemic brought it to newfound levels. Some surveys even found that up to 80% of corporate individuals are now working in either a hybrid or fully remote environment. Besides the changes that remote work has brought to the labor force, it's also had a significant impact on residential moving trends.

The main change to moving that resulted from remote work was the exodus from cities. As individuals now have the freedom to live in locations separate from their place of work, many more moving opportunities have cropped up. There are a number of reasons why remote workers have chosen to do this, all of which will be discussed below.

Avoiding HCOL Locations

Housing and living costs have risen dramatically in recent years, particularly in cities that have high populations and low housing availability. With the rise in remote work, many individuals have sought to leave their cities to find a lower cost of living elsewhere. Many individuals have found that this has been beneficial for their careers, as they're able to maintain the high income of a city career with the lower cost of living of a rural region.

Searching for More Scenic Regions

City life can take a toll on some individuals' mental and physical health, and they find themselves dreaming of greener pastures. Remote work has provided the opportunity for individuals to live beyond the confines of a city and experience a more natural landscape. For this reason, some of the country's most scenic places have seen a dramatic uptick in the number of people moving there.

Moving Closer to Family and Friends

Many people decide to move to an urban area to pursue career goals, but unfortunately have to separate themselves from friends and family that lived in their previous area of residency. Remote work has allowed these individuals to continue working on their careers but move back to places where they have a social support system.

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