With the winter season in full swing, car, boat and motorcycle storage are at the top of the to-do list.  This mild winter has given a bit of leeway, however, it is time for the summer toys to retire for the winter here in the Midwest. O’Mara Moving has expertise in Winter Time Vehicle Storagestoring all things seasonal.

With dedicated buildings for each type of vessel O’Mara Moving offers services to keep your car, boat, or bike in tip-top shape.  Whether your primary residence or lake house up north has limited space for your boat during winter, our boat storage in Rockford will keep you worry free.  All vehicle storage services include pre-store preparation, monthly start services, long-or-short-term storage, and any custom services you desire. We can create a customized plan to meet your storage needs, keeping you worry free while your summer equipment is taken care of by experts.