When you’re moving, you need to be careful about the moving process because there are some Rockford movers who are less ethical than O’Mara Moving Systems. There are plenty of moving scams out there, so read these tips to avoid becoming a victim of one. 

  • Ask your real estate agent – Talk to your real estate agent and see if they are familiar with the company.
  • Make sure the moving company visits your home for an “in home estimate” – Don’t trust a company that doesn’t want to do an in home estimate for your move. Although this typically results in a low estimate, you'll most likely get stuck with a large bill in the end.
  • Investigate the company – Take a look at the company and its reviews.  See if it is a BBB member and check its score.
  • Ask they perform background and drug checks – This will tell you a lot because their employees will be the ones moving your belongings.
  • Ask about the claims process – Ask how it works and see how open they are to talking about it.
  • Be wary of internet movers – Deals that sound too go to be true are a red flag, along with companies that don’t have a physical location listed.