Calculating Moving Costs

It’s understandable that when hiring a moving company to assist with a long-distance move, you want a quote that will help you get an idea of the cost. No one wants to experience the shock of receiving a bill that’s much higher than they expect, especially in the middle of a big move.

The experienced team at O’Mara Moving is here to help you get a better idea of how to estimate the cost of your next relocation in Illinois!

Pricing for Local Moves

Determining the price for your local move depends on a few factors. Typically, moving companies base their cost on an hourly rate which will accrue depending on how long it takes for the moving company to complete the relocation. Additional costs include the number of movers it takes to complete the job, and occasionally, fuel costs for the moving trucks.

Pricing for Long-Distance Moves

Long-distance moves are usually calculated slightly different from local moves. When you hire a moving contractor to help you relocate out of state, you can expect to be charged according to the weight of your shipped items. A through inventory of your belongings will be compiled and then an estimate is determined by inputting the information into a formula. Besides the cost according to weight, customers will also be charged the carrier’s tariff rate.

Importance of In-Home Estimates

To get the most accurate estimate for your move, one of the best ways to do so is to take part in an in-home consultation. This type of estimate gives moving companies a better idea of the layout of the customer’s current residence. For example, some areas may be more difficult to access with moving trucks and if there are several stairwells in the building, it may take longer for the movers to transport items.

Consider Costs for Extra Services

Besides simply relocating your belongings, many moving companies will also pack and store your items. If you plan to utilize any of these additional services, inquire about the associated costs. Don’t forget to include costs for packing supplies including boxes, tape, and padding materials.

Learn About the Different Types of Estimates

Some moving companies provide a binding estimate, which means the estimate that you’re provided is the amount that you’ll pay. However, non-binding estimates are a type of quote that isn’t set in stone. In other words, the moving company can add on certain additional fees if an unanticipated circumstance comes up during the actual move. Of course, binding estimates are the most beneficial for the customer because they are guaranteed to be accurate.

O’Mara Moving has a team of Illinois long-distance movers that can help you get a free estimate for your move. We handle a range of moving services including:

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