Moving your entire business can feel overwhelming, but careful planning can lead to a seamless relocation. Commercial moving requires detailed plans, organization, and communication with your team. Use this guide to help your company seamlessly approach your local or long-distance relocation.

1. Create a Clear Plan of Action

Before you begin to move, create a clear plan of action to remain organized. Creating short-term and long-term to-do lists, moving schedules, and meetings will help you stay on top of tasks. It helps to create lists online so that you can share plans with designated team members. Your moving schedule should include:

  • Budget Breakdowns
  • Timelines
  • Floor Plans
  • Inventory Lists
  • Points of Contact

2. Be Transparent with Your Employees

As you relocate, consider the ways this transition affects your employees. When you work with a professional moving company, moving coordinators can organize your entire business move and employee relocation so that you stay on schedule. As you and your team navigate this move, it’s crucial to keep everyone on the same page. Some considerations you can take include:

  • Having Meetings for Open Communication
  • Involving Your Entire Team in the Moving Process
  • Ordering Any Necessary Supplies Your Employees Will Need
  • Scheduling Assignments According to Your Moving Schedule
  • Using Feedback to Understand Your Team’s Needs

3. Make Pre-Move Plans

There are some steps you can take before moving to help your company transition. Make sure you reach out to existing and potential customers who will be affected by this relocation. This is the perfect time to update your website, create a brochure, and plan outreach systems. Some pre-moving plans include:

  • Updating Websites and Map Locations
  • Changing Email Signatures
  • Organizing Community Outreach for New Customers
  • Staying in Touch with Old Customers to Maintain Your Network

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