Moving your antique furniture can be nerve wracking, especially if you’ve never done it before. Most homeowners don’t know best practices for keeping large antiques such as china cabinets and canopy beds secure during moves

Our Rockford movers are trained in antique furniture moving strategies that are guaranteed to keep your expensive armoire and wooden credenza safe while on the road. Before deciding to move your antiques on your own, consider taking the following three steps to make sure your valuables are transported seamlessly:

Step 1: Appraise Your Antiques

Before even packing your antiques, you want to make sure you know exactly how much they are worth. Should the worst happen and something break or get damaged, you’ll be able to tell your insurance company the value of each antique.

Step 2: Check for Vulnerable Spots

You may think only small antiques are at risk for damage, but your antique furniture can break as well. Large antiques such as bureaus, wooden desks, and bedroom sets should be disassembled and packaged individually. This prevents smaller pieces such as drawers and door knobs from falling out of place while on the road. 

Step 3: Pack with Quality Materials 

Regardless of the size of your antiques, you want to make sure each piece of furniture is packaged with the right materials to avoid all kinds of dents, scratches, and fades. It’s important to remember that some items, such as temperature-sensitive furniture, require extra space and special wrapping.

We offer custom-crating for small furniture, such as wooden chairs and plastic wrapping for larger furniture, such as sofas. We also offer pad-wrapping and moving blankets for furniture of all sizes, helping your items stay in place while in transit.

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