Moving Large, Fragile Items

Moving to a new home takes a little bit of strategy and a lot of hard work. For most of your belongings, it’s pretty simple to figure out how to pack them in a box or even fit everyday furniture into the moving truck. But there are a few items that fall in the ‘large’ and ‘fragile’ category, presenting more of a challenge.

Items like large screen TVs, mirrors, sculptures, statutes, and other types of valuable artwork take a unique approach to pack and transport safely. Experienced residential movers in Northern Illinois can provide some tips to get the job done.

Common Packing Methods for Oversized Items

Unfortunately, not everything fits into a corrugated moving box. When you’re ready to move oversized items, trust the household movers who have done this before. In some cases, like large screen TVs, you can purchase specialty boxes designed specifically for that item.

But in many other cases, there are no custom moving boxes for a one-of-a-kind piece of art or ornate mirror. The next best option is to create your own using custom crating. Essentially, you will use plywood to build a box around the large item. With custom crating you can use moving blankets as packing material to cushion the piece from unwanted movement. But the point of the crate is to protect the item from contact with other items during transportation.

Additional Steps to Protect your Belongings

While qualified local movers will use the right tools and techniques to protect your large, fragile items, there is no guarantee against accidents. We recommend taking pictures and a full inventory before packing and transporting these items. If there is a problem, this documentation can help you recoup some of your money.

You will also want to talk to your moving and storage company about purchasing additional or specialized valuation coverage. Standard valuation coverage typically pays out based on size and weight. Since it does not factor in value, many high-value items lack sufficient coverage for the replacement value of the item.

Our Northern Illinois long-distance movers recommend utilizing flexible, secure, climate-controlled storage options when needed. O’Mara Moving & Storage offers full-service moving and storage solutions, including safe and secure storage for your large, fragile items.

Choosing the Right Full-Service Movers

O’Mara Moving & Storage has been serving Northern Illinois with exceptional and specialized local and long-distance moving services for more than 150 years. Founded in 1865, our BBB-Accredited moving and storage company offers professional and affordable relocation services for residential and commercial customers. Our locally owned moving and storage company can provide custom crating and premium packing materials to ensure your belongings make the move in one piece. We specialize in customizable moving plans so that you only pay for the services you need! Call to start planning your next move today.