Moving to a new residence can be stressful, especially for our animal companions. While the thrill of relocation might be exciting, it can be overwhelming for our furry family members. Here are some useful tips to help you move with pets.

Find a Pet Caregiver for Local Moves

On moving day, pets can get frightened by the presence of strangers in their homes. Minimize their anxiety and the possibility of running away by having a reliable family member or friend take care of your pet. You can also consider hiring a pet-sitting service to give you peace of mind.

Prepare Enough Pet Supplies for Long Journeys

Traveling long distances with pets requires preparation. Pack a separate container or suitcase with adequate food, grooming essentials, and comfort items for the entire trip. This centralized location will make it easier for you to tend to your pets while on the move.

Research Local Vets Ahead of Time

Changing the familiar vet can be stressful. Ease the process by doing your research beforehand. Find a veterinarian in your new location and book an initial appointment if possible. This way, you can ensure your pet’s health needs are taken care of and have someone on standby case of an emergency.

Check Local Regulations on Exotic Animals

If you have an exotic pet, be aware that different states may have regulations and restrictions on the ownership of your animal. Make sure to check the regulatory website of your destination to see if there are any restrictions.

Properly Pack Your Pet’s Home

Aquariums, terrariums, habitats, and cages can be expensive but essential purchases for pet owners. Protect your pet’s home by consulting with your residential mover. Often, they’ll have extra padding or specialty crating options to ensure your pet’s home is moved safely.

Consider a Pet Transportation Company

For particularly long or complex moves, it may be beneficial to look into a pet transportation company. The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association can assist you in finding a reputable pet shipping specialist if self-transport isn’t ideal.

Using a reputable long-distance mover is another way to help pets cope with the stress of moving. An experienced company takes the time to listen to your needs and provide personalized care. O’Mara Moving and Storage has more than 150 years of dedicated residential relocations in the Midwest and across the nation. Grab a free quote to get started.